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I am Akriti Sharma ☀️ a service designer based in📍London, UK keen on using design thinking as a tool 🔧 for creating a better world 🌎

My process is rooted in empathy 💕  ethnographic research 🔍

and rapid prototyping 💬

My projects are currently being updated. If my work has sparked your interest and you want to hear more. Reach out to me at: E: [email protected] N: +44 7767928395

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🏫 Master’s in Service Design at the Royal College of Art 2022-23

In the last year, as part of my Master's program at the Royal College of Art, I have focused on honing my skills as a service designer. I have worked across diverse industries including the corrections system, healthcare, elder care sector, financial services industry, pension industry, and mental health field.

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Royal College of Art named leading university for art and design globally for 9th consecutive year Link

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At the RCA I have been:

📍Nominated by the head of the program to co-facilitate the Service Design Masterclass held at the Royal College of Art.

📍Worked with the Ministry of Justice on designing a new service to address the Finance, Benefit, and Debt needs of People on Probation to reduce reoffending rates.

🏆 Placed First in a design marathon held by Mind in collaboration with Innovation Unit Design Thinking.


🏆 Finalist of the International Philips Design Challenge.

One of the 20 running finalists chosen from over 100 teams discovering what it means to build a happier society.

Reinventing Retirement-Redesigning Pensions: A service design approach to Disrupting a 141-year-old Concept.

Asking questions: How do people view retirement today? How do pensions need to be redesigned to cater to the newly changed ideas around retirement?

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🏫 Fellowship 2020-22

The Teach For India fellowship has shaped my passion for education equity and commitment to creating positive change using design thinking.

It has made me a compassionate educator, and a strong leader and has taught me to think on my feet.

A small peek into some learnings:


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As a Teach For India Fellowship Alumnus, I bring a unique combination of skills and experiences to the table.

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⭐️ Mobilised over 200+ volunteers, 100+ parents and 30+ tabs to increase weekly virtual learning hours from 10 to 25, increase engagement from 12% to 92% and increase the reading level in English by 44%. Tackled the digital divide and helped a classroom from a low-income community located in the slums of Mumbai, India move from learning in the classroom to learning online during school closure in light of the pandemic.

📍 Coached over 200+ volunteers during the pandemic to teach and connect with students to combat the digital divide and continue pushing education and well-being of the students

📍Accelerated Math mastery from 19% to 40% for 142+ students across two years by creating differentiated lesson plans that were data-driven.

📍 Raised over INR 2,50,000 by leveraging the power of storytelling to support the learning and well-being needs of the community by bringing stories of joy, love, and resilience from the classroom to life through collaborations with multiple artists.

📍 Worked with multiple stakeholders including school authorities, community leaders, donors, and public health care officials

📍 Co-created and Facilitated sex education for female students along with mothers in collaboration with The Yellow Umbrella Foundation(TYUF)

📍Led and Managed local food donation drive and distribution for the community serving 110+ families monthly for over a year.


Watch This Space for More Updates Coming Soon!